Going Deeper [Beta 2] By NRFB Games

NRFB Games released a new game called Going Deeper and the version is Beta 2. The game’s story is about Going Deeper is a single-player erotic roguelike/management game. You take on the role of an Inquisitor, a divination mage serving the goddess of knowledge, who has been tasked with investigating the sudden appearance of a dungeon of unknown origin. On reaching the site, you find that a team of Knights from an allied faction is already there. Teaming up with the three female knights, you take on the duty of mission control.

Developer: NRFB Games
File Size: 458.8 MB
Version: Beta 2
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added the first events for a few different event chains featuring the Witch
  • 1 (small) New Trap
  • 7 New Skills
  • 1 New Curse
  • 4 New Spells
  • 1 New Trap Status Effect


  • Added AI image generation use disclosure to the credits menu.
  • The dungeon camera’s allowed movement bounds will now dynamically shrink to fit the actual size of the map (with enough wiggle room to hopefully not give too much about the map away).
  • The game will now attempt to center itself when opened in windowed mode at a larger resolution.
  • Added an option to skip to the next dialogue choice when the hotkey to skip an event is pressed and the event has dialogue choices.
    • This MAY not have been exhaustively tested. It SHOULD work fine in normal cases but there MAY be some ways to break it and some scenes MAY cause weirdness like backgrounds/music/images not changing to match the state they should be in at the time of the choice (if you went through the dialogue normally). Possibly.
  • Special Skills now clearly label themselves as such in their skill descriptions.
  • Added diminishing returns on healing for monsters and traps past a certain cap. By default, all threats will automatically have any heals cut in half if they have healed 100% of their maximum health in total. At 200% of their maximum health in total, further heals will be reduced by 75%. At 300% (which should PROBABLY never happen), all heal effects will be cancelled.
    • This healing cap can be set for an individual monster/trap via a “healing_cap” variable in their data. The default would be equivalent to this field being equal to 1.0, but if you set it to 1.5 for example the healing decreases would ramp up at 150%, 300%, 450% of max health instead.
  • Improved desire manipulation control forecasting to make it more obvious what difference a given action will make.
    • Also added an option to select no action, in order to return the control bar to its current state without any forecasting happening.
  • Added logic for allies to be more willing to do camp activities socially with other allies if doing so would be more likely to cause an event that has not yet happened this run.
    • Because of the complexity of ally decision making in camp, this may not be making as big of an impact as I would like. Will need to be iterated on later.
  • Decreased the size of the portrait on an ally’s stat page to show more status effects at a time.
  • Increased the size of the skill and curse lists in an ally’s stat page.
  • Moved Desires to their own tab of an ally’s stat page.
    • Also added other ally information to that third tab. What is shown there is likely to change when I come up with something better to put in the space, but for now it’s just basic information and another place to see some pictures I guess.
  • Increased the stacks of Thorns granted by Get the Point from 3 to 5.
  • Re-added the Dissuade spell.
  • Slightly increased ally pathfinding tendency to deprioritize dark rooms.
  • Increased mana cost of Photosynthesis [1 -> 2] and base cost of buying it from the Witch [21 -> 27].
  • Added another rank to Pride, making it a bit better at rank 1 (or when embraced). Also smoothed out the growth of how long the debuff lasts.
  • Buffed the Strike spell’s damage as it kinda sucks for 2 mana (especially because the damage is reduced by armor) [5% -> 10%].
  • Added a particle effect for Bestial Pyre hitting. Kinda weird that I didn’t have one in the first place actually.
  • Allies can now give text feedback when you click the Move Allies to Stairs button.
  • Added more ally feedback messages when giving orders.
  • These will only really be relevant for modders (of which I wish there were more but hey it is what it is):
    • UI fields which have custom tooltips enabled no longer require manually adding bbcode tags to their data to display correctly.
    • This will not break existing mods which DO have tags in the data either.
    • The remove_status_on_denounce field in Curse data can now support an array of multiple status effects to remove when denouncing, rather than only a single string ID.


  • Fixed dialogue choices getting locked in even if you went backward to before they were made while watching scenes from research notes.​
  • Fixed unexpected behavior with the Gluttony and Heat Wave curses due to lacking max_rank fields.​
  • Fixed Horn of Battle events not having associated dialogues.​
  • Fixed a bug where choices made in dialogue were not jumping to the correct place in the dialogue afterward (though the chosen option WAS still being set on your save).​
  • Fixed a bug where allies would always agree with any suggestion the player made for their next activity in camp.​
  • Removed the Imp portrait that was just kinda hanging out at 0x0 on the map.​
  • Fixed a bug where allies set to wait inside an empty room that then became dark would continue waiting indefinitely rather than moving out of the dark room.​
  • Fixed I’ll Cover You! skill requirements checking for Health of 25 or higher rather than 28.​
  • Fixed a bug where the Drider was failing to find a suitable room to move to during her Cocoon Armor event.​
  • Fixed the rank up skill window not showing custom tooltips properly.​
  • Fixed Horn of Battle’s name having no spaces in it.​
  • Fixed the Flytrap spell’s wording to specify it does not lower Thorns duration rather than Thorns cooldown.​
  • Fixed ally pathfinding slightly deprioritizing monster/trap rooms that were visible but NOT explored.​
  • Fixed being able to invite allies to your tent and do desire manipulation things before finishing floor 3.​
  • Corrected Dividend’s spell description saying the one time cooldown is 30 actions when it is 30 turns.​
  • Fixed the Fist Pump skill checking if the character has Grace rather than the listed requirement of Let’s GOOOOOO, making it actually impossible to qualify for.​
  • Fixed several skills that had requirements stating they required associated Desire Drives to be at a certain level but actually checked that those. Drives were at the next level up (asking for High but checking for Intense or asking for Intense but checking for Obsessive)
    • This affects Adventurer’s Drive, Capacitor Discharge, Cleave, Fleetest Feet, Get It Together, Helping Hand, Holy Shield, Mad Dash, Rend In Twain, Shield Bash, and Too Rich To Die.​
  • Fixed Lore Info notes being visible by default even though the checkbox to show them is unchecked by default.​
  • Fixed gaining a curse being able to push an ally’s desire drive below 0.​
  • Changed Rampaging to not show it’s particle effect/message if the ally’s special skill is already at 0 cooldown.​
  • Fixed Interaction skills appearing in an ally’s popup menu while they have Addled.
    • Clicking them in this situation would do nothing other than pass the turn anyway.​
  • Fixed Weal and Woe’s status effect using its curse icon (diamond shape in a square space).​
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to scroll through the ranks of a blank skill scroll
    • There’s no reason to actually do this but if you accidentally clicked on it the game would try to access a null value.​

Developer Notes:

Hi. This is an entirely new game made entirely from scratch in Godot by me and only me (aside from some of the assets). My goal is to create a game that is fun to play, with mechanical depth, while also offering a good experience as a porn game.

The game is currently in Alpha. This means that updates in the immediate future will focus much more heavily on implementing gameplay systems/mechanics over large amounts of new written content/scenes. That’s not to say that there won’t be ANY new content in updates. There certainly will be! It’s just that the amount will be somewhat limited compared to how updates will be in the eventual Beta version.

Note that this game will ask that you either: A) Engage with the mechanics and actually play it like an interactive experience and not a passive one, OR B) Accept that you are more likely to face consequences for not doing so, up to and including possibly losing the game (which has rogulite metaprogression anyway)

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