Gamer Struggles [v0.1.3] By The Cumbusters

The Cumbusters Games released a new game called Gamer Struggles and the version is 0.1.3. The game’s story is about After years of rotting inside her room, Chiro finally gets kicked out for being a filthy, good for nothing, socially awkward, gamer. Will she change her ways and integrate into society, or will she sink further into degeneracy?​

Developer: The Cumbusters
File Size: 169.8 MB
Version: 0.1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New location – A new villa area! Chiro is getting closer and closer to the train station and the big city!
  • Minor changes to beach location – Laid out the base for the changing scene, we’ll have it properly sketched out by the next update. Added a small dialogue to the first croc encounter, to introduce him in a similar manner to Wolfie. There is also a little area where you can encounter a new bunny enemy.


  • New enemy concept – Speaking of new bunny enemy, also known as Bibi, here is her character sheet…
  • Animations – Her AI is ironically still a WIP, but animations are mostly complete! By the next update we’ll have them polished and finish her as a proper enemy.
  • Crocodilf sex scene completed – Its here!!!
  • Fryman bj progress – Progress on the Fryman BJ scene! Not in game just yet but I’ll spoil a bit anyway

Fixed Issues:

  • Gallery bug – Some of you had issues with the gallery, when selecting an enemy the animation wouldn’t play, happened especially often to Wolfie but now it seems like it works as intended.
  • Less buggy horny water – Made horny water a lot less buggy!

Known Issues:

  • Controls bug – Sometimes after Chiro gets knocked down by an enemy and then stands up, the controls bug and she keeps running in one direction. For now I’ve had a hard time replicating it, but I’m planning to fully fix the issue in the next update.


  • OST – Our soundtrack artist released the tracks from the game, make sure to check it out!!! (Album cover made by anci)

Developer Notes:

[Movement] WASD, Arrow Keys
[Jump] Space
[Dash / Dodge] X
[Interact] Z
[Pause] ESC

Game Images & Screenshots


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