Five Nights At KinksDom [v0.5 Alpha2 Remake] By LoSoSAnimation

LoSoSAnimation Games released a new game called Five Nights At KinksDom and the 0.5 Alpha2 Remake. The game’s story is about The games take in a Pole Dance area, where some erotics animatronics want yours. The aim of this game is to get away from the old basic erotic fnaf game, and into a different light. See things differently. With a system of relations, during the nights, allowing to gain particular animations and to develop unique exchanges. The aim of the game is to get players to develop a real affection for the animatronics.​

Developer: LoSoSAnimation
File Size: 1.59 GB
Version: 0.5 Alpha2 Remake
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Fixed :

  • Don’t get stuck anymore in the air/void.

Frederica :

  • Slap Sex Scene Frederica appears now
  • Frederica is now in front of the cam after return to the pole dance after the music was recharged
  • Frederica will now come only one time in front of the guard windows after get angry. Each time frederica get angry, will now enable the patrol and chasing player.
  • Recharge music : some bugs fixed and some mechanics change
  • Frederica don’t have audio : fixed (Need to be test)
  • Can’t be stuck anymore, on the sides of frederica’s stage


  • Mechanic Bunny add :
  • You absolutely must keep Bunny entertained by playing arcade games.
    If Bunny reaches the max of boredom, then she’ll start her patrol and if she sees you, the chase will start.
    To get Bunny back to the arcade room. All you have to do is go to the arcade level and restart the arcade Games.
    AT 3 AM : go make sex.

Game :

  • Menu pause add in game
  • Option Menu pause add in game
  • Add Guard Lamp Torch “G”
  • Can’t spam anymore the open cam when cam is open
  • In sex animation the time speed is divised by 2
  • If animatronic enter guard room , Game Over
  • Sound not reset when animatronic patrol

Generator :

  • Consume time / 3
  • Can’t no more recharge generator when your not anymore in front of
  • Generator now don’t speed each time the generator is recharged
  • Can’t now get acces to the cam when generator of


  • Menu is now responsive for all resolutions

Graphics :

  • Bloom : 2 -> 1.5
  • light : 0.5 -> 1
    : 1 -> 1.5


  • Can’t get trought the generator wall anymore


  • Exit button create for the tuto

AI :

  • Pathfinding rework

Developer Notes:

Is there a smartScreen alert, I test it and upload on Google Drive, mega and mediaFire, there is no virus, just accept the execution.

Game Images & Screenshots



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