Ethereal Sunder [v0.7.3] By EtherealSunderDev

EtherealSunderDev Games released a new game called Ethereal Sunder and the version is 0.7.3. The game’s story is about

In the enchanting magical forest of Velhal, Eilayda reigns as the revered fairy queen. Her domain suddenly faces a crisis when a dreadful illness starts afflicting the fairies. To save her people, Eilayda leaves the forest searching for the “origin resin,” a powerful magical material crucial for creating the cure.

However, the only known resin is sold in a human city, deep within its infamous prison district, a den for criminals and malevolent souls. Nevertheless, Eilayda decides to enter the district, determined to find the resin and return to her forest unscathed by the grim shadows of the human world.​

Developer: EtherealSunderDev
File Size: 567.7 MB
Version: 0.7.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

0.7.3 (2024-05-03)SPOILER

New: Added the ex-administration hall map.

New: Added pit fights. You can access them by speaking with the clerk in the ex-administration hall.

New: Added spell Cold Spikes. You can unlock this spell in the Essence Reflection.

New: Added a new erotic scene: “Sleeping Outside.” There is a 1-on-6 chance of the scene occurring when sleeping outside, and the chances increases by 1 with each night you sleep outside.

New: Added a voice to Eilayda. Currently, only the following scenes have her voice implemented: the first scene after falling off the fort, the level-up 1 erotic scene, and the new scene added in this build.

New: Added a voice volume in the options menu for Eilayda’s new voice.

Developer Notes:

Game Mechanics:

  • Corruption System: Lead Eilayda through the prison district and decide her fate; will she maintain the same purity she walked in or leave tainted by the pleasure the district offers?
  • The system is divided into levels starting from 0 and ending in 3. Each level has new erotic scenes and continuations of previously visited scenes, showing Eilayda’s development and her fall into a world of debauchery.
  • Enhance combat system: Fight taking advantage of the enemies’ vulnerabilities while keeping an eye on your own. The range system adds an extra spice of fun to the classic RPG Maker combat.
  • Custom character growth: Choose the parameters you want to improve and the skills you want to have inside the Essence Reflection, the center of Eilayda’s magical power, to make her as powerful as you want.
  • Resources management: Gold and mana are your most important resources. Gold is used to buy items, rest in the inn, and solve problems; mana is used to cast spells in combat and improve Eilayda’s parameters.
  • Spend your resources wisely and explore the district to uncover events and minigames that can provide you with more mana and gold.

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