Doris ❤ Lady of the Night [v1.05] By MountBatten

MountBatten Games released a new game called Doris ❤ Lady of the Night and the version is 1.05. The game’s story is about Princess Doris sought refuge in the “sanctuary” due to her unique donkey ears. It was a gathering place for selected individuals to work together to ensure a plentiful harvest. The king (player) who wed her will work alongside her each night to ensure the kingdom’s prosperity and her standing…

Developer: MountBatten
File Size: 1.17 GB
Version: 1.05
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • 2 Game Modes
    There are two game modes in this work, which are broadly divided into “Story Mode” and “Free Mode”. In the latter Free Mode, you can use all functions from the beginning but you cannot choose your favorite maid, wander in front of the maids’ rooms, evaluate the content of the next day’s girls’ meeting, and more.
    On the other hand, in Story Mode, you can see Doris’s three maids and your close aides reacting and worrying about the impact of H on the kingdom. Additionally, you can interact with Doris and the maids after lunch, enjoying conversations and skinship.
    Furthermore, the “Daily” chapter is designed for repetitive play, and the reactions of the women will change in three ways based on the latest H content + with different lines.
    In the future, there are plans to add Doris’s pregnancy episode and 4P sex with three maids. Currently, only pregnant Doris and H in Free Mode.
  • A Variety of H-scenes.
    H-scenes consist of 5 basic plays x several posture variations, where you can freely choose the speed, depth, rest, and timing of ejaculation when thrusting. For fellatio, back position, and face-to-face seating, an Auto mode is available, allowing you to pass the initiative to Doris and focus on receiving. There is no limit to the number of ejaculations, and bukkake and creampie states are maintained even if the play is changed. Additionally, after creampie, choosing fellatio will clean the penis covered in cloudy liquid. Doris’s reactions change in 3 stages based on the excitement gauge level; although there is room for flexibility from 0 to 49%, after that, it reaches the brink of climax. When it reaches 100%, climax occurs and the H-scene is temporarily interrupted. Moreover, exceeding the limit to climax can even cause it to faint. In addition, there are two periods for Doris: a shy period in H (transitional period) and an active period (mature period). Depending on the period, Doris’s attitude, atmosphere, expressions, conversation content, and even gasping all change. Specifically, there are 459 H-voices for the transitional period, 601 for the mature period, a total of 1667 motions, and a total of 915 facial expressions. Furthermore, you can set discounts on Doris’s sensitivity and excitement level for each place of H. This allows you to play according to the ejaculation feeling, such as moving Doris to an easier place to climax together when ejaculation is close, or to a de-escalating place when Doris seems to climax first. * Donkey ears, pubic hair, abdominal bulge, cross-section, fetus, and climax effects can be hidden.

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