D’Legacy [v0.6.0.1] By Lustion

Lustion Games released a new game called D’Legacy and the version is The game’s story is about This game tells the story of a man (You / Main Character) who has just graduated after studying in Miami. However, you’re forced to return to your hometown Tokyo due to the recent passing of your father. All you have inherited is a rundown boarding house and a significant amount of debt. Can you survive in this Tokyo life, achieving your dreams, reaching the top of your career, finding love and having many sexual partners?​

Developer: Lustion
File Size: 1.18 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

D’Legacy v0.6.0.1 (2024-05-24)

  • Fixed Akari scene after date.
  • Fixed player name in some conversations.

Developer Notes:

Information :

D’Legacy is an Adult/R18+ game that falls under the life simulation and social simulation genres. Currently this game is only available for the PC platform (Windows), but it does not rule out the possibility of developing it for the Android and web platforms in the future. The game was created using the Ren’Py engine, which is based on the Python programming language. The female characters in the game are based on original characters (real people) that have been edited and refined to suit the game’s requirements.

Gameplay :

The gameplay of the D’Legacy is very simple, you have the freedom to choose how you want to play it. The characters you control are given the freedom to explore different places and take various actions. You can work all the time to increase your position and income or you can just simply focus on finding all the cutscene for each character. However it’s important to pay attention to your needs such as Energy, Satiety, Hygiene and Fun, as they determine what actions you can take. Additionally, make sure to manage your money wisely to ensure your survival.

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