Dissonance [v0.8 Public] By L_Elyot

L_Elyot Games released a new game called Dissonance and the version is 0.8 Public. The game’s story is about Dissonance is an ongoing visual novel where you follow Toru Hirai as he attempts to readjust to his life after a long sleep. Throughout the story, you’ll find yourself interacting with and deepening your connections with several characters as you explore [insert city name here]. And there’s no need to be picky about where you go and when, after all, you’ll have plenty of time!​

Developer: L_Elyot
File Size: 1.78 GB
Version: 0.8 Public
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 4 Main Events
  • 2 Atsuko Events
  • 2 Kaya Events
  • 2 Kyoko Events
  • 2 Nao Events


  • 6 Main Events
  • 2 Minami Events
  • 3 Nadeko Events
  • 2 Rikka Events
  • 2 Suzu Events
  • A MUCH Needed UI Update (Do Let Me Know If Anything Is Broken With It)


  • 5 Main Events
  • 2 Momoe Events
  • 2 Sayuri Events
  • 2 Yoshie Events
  • 2 Yuzuha Events


  • 10 Main Events
  • 2 Niwa Events
  • 2 Chiyo Events

15 Main Events


  • 6 Main Events
  • 7 Character Events (1 each for Atsuko, Kyoko, Minami, Rikka, Suzu, Ume, Yoshie)
  • Linear Mode – Can switch between the 2 modes by either accessing the computer on weekend mornings in Sandbox Mode or reaching the end of current content in Linear Mode

v0.2 Public
This update contains 12 main events and 6 character events, one for each of the following characters – Niwa, Nao, Nadeko, Sayuri, Chiyo, and Momoe!

v0.1 Initial Release.

Game Images & Screenshots


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