Destroyer [v1.08] By Testoviron

Testoviron Games released a new game called Destroyer and the version is 1.08. The game’s story is about Destroyer is an open-world HTML game where the whole point is to dominate and destroy every hole around.

Developer: Testoviron
File Size: 3.62 GB
Version: 1.08
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

I must warn you that this update has improved Mr. Juice’s storyline, so you will need to restart the entire storyline in the dungeons under the church. If you have already completed it before, you won’t need to collect the pages again, and it will go a bit faster for you.


  • Mr. Juice’s storyline received a rework. I added a lot of lyrics and changed many things to make sense.
  • Aria received a rework (6 new events, including math puzzles).
  • Lela received a rework (3 events, one of which is quite complex; the player must take her to a restaurant for dinner and impress her. Many choices, one hidden ending. Writing the date at the restaurant alone took me nearly 2.5 days).
  • Jasmine received a rework (4 events, one event includes a chase with a new reflex mini-game that involves pressing the correct image in a short time).
  • Chanel received a rework (she is in the background throughout the story, 1 event).
  • After completing the entire gym storyline, a new location “showers” appears.
  • Kinuski received a rework (5 events).
  • Ash received a rework (2 events).
  • Charlotte received a rework (5 events).
  • Tiffany received a rework (2 events).
  • The grind needed to increase the skills of the girls in the “Boom-Boom” club has been reduced.
  • Changed the way gifs are displayed at the disco; they won’t be as wide and will scale with the screen.

Game Images & Screenshots

Update Only (v1.07 to v1.08): GOFILE– MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN


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