Demon Gods [v0.40] By Panonon

Panonon Games released a new game called Demon Gods and the version is 0.40. The game’s story is about I died and was reincarnated into a – wait no… This is a game about you, who died and woke up in another world with a new body. You’re tasked with purifying the world of corruption by a Goddess who makes it pretty clear she doesn’t really care if you succeed or fail.​

Developer: Panonon
File Size: 557.0 MB
Version: 0.40
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

: This update was massive. I don’t want to set false expectations that every update will be this large, but I wanted to finish several things in this update, especially some story elements to try to keep the game making sense, especially as I change things (this is why some of the girl start path and slut path is/was messed up). I pretty much worked on this non-stop all month, so if there are bugs please be gentle and let me know. I’ll fix any game breaking ones ASAP, minor ones I’ll address in the follow-up update! (I will be out of town for 1 week after this release, but I’ll bring my laptop and work on it when I can, I have discord on my phone so I’ll constantly check the #bugs section).

A couple things I was hoping to add but ran out of time for:
1. Updating female slut path to make more sense. Female slut path was made by copying most of the male and female virgin paths, which caused some consistency issues as I missed fixing parts. I intend to go back and fix these. Most of the female virgin path has been fixed in this update.
2. I am going to add a lewd scene when you first reach the forest to explain why your personality drastically changes (unless you chose slut) when you charm an enemy. Originally it was kind of a non-canon game mechanic but I’ve chosen to add an explanation. I had considered locking the charm button behind your characters acceptance of their situation, but since that could mess up player builds I’ve changed my mind.

New Content:

  • completely revamped battle system and removed some limitations I previously had when wanting to add new spells / enemies / etc. This means I can now add spells that effect battle in various ways other than just hurting the enemy. (for now this is for the mountains region only, I intend to go back and redo the forest area a bit too but since that will probably be an entire update on it’s own, I’m waiting on this) Edit: Had to do the forest too as it messed up game balance among other things. Would have preferred to focus on adding more content but it needed to be done.
  • Adjusted how spells work
  • Added Illusion and seduction magic to battle
  • New enemies! (yaaaay)
  • new enemies means…New scenes!
  • More effort was placed into the writing of these scenes to make them less generic than the forest action scenes. However this also means that I’m only writing one scene per enemy, rather than writing variations for each spell / etc. This means you may come across scenes where you use magic that you haven’t unlocked yet.
  • updated the UI (again)
  • armors now have tiers (mostly for me so I can decide how many stats to add to an armor). A higher tier armor has a larger pool of points to go towards stats. Tier’s work in multiples of 5. Tier 1 armor is intended for level 1 – 5 characters, tier 2 is intended for level 6 – 10. However it is possible to obtain higher tier armor early. (If you obtain Goldenware early, you may miss out on some scenes).
  • Finished current waitress content
  • various images have been added or replaced on old content
  • new spells have been added to prepare for future content
  • Several new passages have been added.
  • Lots of updates to chapter 1 story, some of which was changed to work better with chapter 2.
  • wrote in a new optional ability that is unlocked after a certain scene, but I don’t want to give too much away regarding this as it changes the story a bit, so I’ll keep it vague.
  • New (extremely powerful) outfit to be found in the mountains! (patrons only)
  • Added outfit descriptions in the wardrobe
  • Added a notebook, you can find current objectives as well as some extra information here
  • Removed acceptance from your stats and replaced it with a small dialogue under your image
  • Shrunk all images, but made them expandable if you hover over them (mobile players will be unaffected), this should help prevent players from having to scroll down as much
  • After Allying with the dryad, you now receive boosts from any alraune you meet
  • new scenes if you return to melek taus after being defeated
  • Did you know Melek Taus is a lovesick puppy?
  • Added a skip chapter 1 feature, as there are things I’ve changed in chapter 1 this might cause some small confusion for the story. However I will likely continue improving and changing aspects of the story as we continue.
  • All enemies have portraits, I’m actually really happy I managed to get these done in time. Will be updating some later, though such as the bandits.
  • Finished mountains part 1! I will need to go back and make some edits and add a couple things I had planned to add originally, but this ordinarily should have been split into two updates. I worked nonstop on this update all month, I hope you guys like it!


  • If your slutfame in town goes above 100, there was a bug where you could no longer get customers. This has been fixed.
  • If you failed to pay taxes you would get stuck in a loop.
  • Significantly increased rewards for winning a battle
  • Moved several buttons into the container for better visibility
  • changed a bit of text the first time you visit the bookstore
  • made it a little easier to hit enemies in the forest so they don’t dodge so often
  • drastically increased starting health to make enemy encounters less of a grind.
  • Enemies and player have higher attack damage and lower defense. – This works for the most part, but may need to start boosting defense a bit. For now this makes armor very important
  • fixed tax loop bug
  • Fixed a bug where if you saved 5 or more alraunes, the dryad wouldn’t show up. But she would if you killed them.
  • Fixed images no longer showing up after making the alraunes your ally
  • rearranged some stuff in the caption menu
  • Walking through the forest again and again was a pain, you no longer need wings to take a shortcut
  • Fixed a bug where if you lost against melek taus you would be unable to re-challenge him
  • Male and female start office quiz questions have been re-written and are funnier (I hope) and it’s a bit more obvious what stats are affected by your choices
  • Female virgin path has been largely rewritten to fix a lot of consistency issues
  • Fixed players able to meet Eira too early
  • Fixed a bug in the bookstore where you w

Developer Notes:

I update monthly, though I do update more frequently if there are game-breaking bugs. I’m happy for feedback. My game is also available on my website, which is updated 2 weeks after Patreon. One thing I hate is games that don’t get finished, so I am adamant that I will finish this game.

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