Cyberslayers [v0.4.1] By Maelion

Maelion Games released a new game called Cyberslayers and the version is 0.4.1. The game’s story is about 2039, the giant sprawling city Zenon is in crisis because of tensions between humans and mutants over the exploitation of dark energy. Cybercorp, a powerful organization is causing controversy by training mutant hunters with special methods. Aline, just 18 years old, decides to leave the comfortable cocoon of the Alpha sector to immerse herself in a harder and more hostile world composed of the Beta, Gamma, and Delta sectors. Trained in martial arts and having passed her virtual police training with success, the brunette enters the city’s police force as well as a Rookie Slayer at Cybercorp. Her naive vision of the world is about to change forever…as is her destiny, out of the ordinary.​

Developer: Maelion
File Size: 8.70 GB
Version: 0.4.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Main Story

  • Cyberslayers Mission with Aline and Kassiah in the Delta Sector, getting closer to the CORE
  • Dark Tunnel Area with 6 playgrounds : Core Seeds (Task) and repeatable scavenging (Junk, Dark Matter) and enemy known as The Grims
  • Battle vs The Grims with all scenes (Victory, Defeat, Dominated Victory, Corruption…)
  • Slayer Move new approach with Corruption

Side Events

  • Dark Streets in downtown now open with Rising Star Studio Side Story : introducing new character Dan, sexy poses with 4 Photoshoots (Brown dress, bikinis)
    and TJ + BJ sex scenes + Undercover Mission
  • Stream Site Rising Star Studio evolving as you do events, featuring Aline and other models
  • Dark Streets Noodle Guy Event, repeatable with both Pure and Deviant Outfit : Groping, Fuck sex scenes


  • Added Skill “Deep Mind” that allows Aline to read some perverted minds when they’re horny
  • Changed Icons Color for Perception II and III
  • Skill “Innocent Doll” is no longer hidden in the Phantasm Skill Tree

In 0.4 Update,
Continue Aline’s adventures by unfolding the intrigues within the police station. Venture out to discover the famous Red District (introduction) and continue to develop your relationships with Raph, Charlotte and Ben’s intentions.

  • The content offers more than three hours of gameplay overall with
  • high replayability
  • New Hot scenes with Aline and Charlotte
  • Medium and long term consequences on story with whole playgrounds beginning to change because of your choices
  • New skills such as Seduction or Perversion
  • New animations
  • New Pentagrams
  • Music of my own composition
  • Better writing of the scenes

Developer Notes:

Cyberslayers is an original mix of point and click with visual novel and rpg elements. You move your heroine on 3d renderings and perform actions with icons on the map. Each action is taken into account for the evolution of the story and the heroine thanks to the PHANTASM system, a cybernetic software that unlocks various skills throughout the game. Warning : Cyberslayers is not planned to work on Mac. It is Pc only.

Game Images & Screenshots


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