Coffee Demo [20240617v1] By unnie

unnie Games released a new game called Coffee Demo and the version is 20240617v1. The game’s story is about Forced male to female transformation of the MC Experience a lewd dreamworld. Physical changes within a dream will potentially alter the character once the dream is over. Inspired by Yume Nikki, .flow, LSD Dream Emulator and some others.​

Developer: unnie
File Size: 140 MB
Version: 20240617v1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • This is mostly a mechanics and story focused update.
  • The boardgame is close to an update as well.
  • Various changes and details in no particular order:
  • Some of these changes were already in the Coffee Story Extra notes, but in case you don’t follow that, this has most of it.
  • Story: added day 3 and “day 4”. “Day 4” sequence will be locked behind progression requirements later on, but at the moment might as well showcase it. Requirements will be: PC is still male, talked about Nanami with Yuri. Might change later. Follow-up not yet added.
  • Some changes and rewrites in the intro and a bit throughout the story altogether. Mostly for consistency and pacing.
  • Added a new way to how facial expressions function in dialog. Previously the most common method used was setting up a timers. So in example an NPC gets “frog eyes” for 10 seconds, then it reverts back to normal. Of course the problem with this is that in 10 seconds you could read 1 message or 20, which usually ruins the intended emotion.
  • Now most of the expressions will be controlled by a counter which decreases per message. Once it reaches zero that particular expression disappears.
  • This won’t effect existing conversations as it’s quite a lot of work and there’s potential to mess something up.
  • Added middle mouse click as “interact action” (equivalent to Enter) and right click to perform “cancel action”(equivalent to ctrl or x by default), holding right click for 0.5 second will bring up the inventory menu instead. Mouse wheel can scroll through dialog. “Cancel action” can automatically select dialog option “Back”, “Leave”, “Exit”, “Never mind” should those be available. And of course left mouse click now move the Player. Eventually, I would like to optimize controls for mouse-only play.
  • I’ve changed my approach to the narrative. The Player Character will be slightly more proactive in dialog. So far the change isn’t massive, but a far cry from a mostly silent protagonist with superficial choices. I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone but both the fetish thematic and complexity of the story have made it impractical.
  • Added option for the player portrait to appear where the default NPC portrait is, rather than on the right side. Basically the standard jrpg conversation format. Portrait changes only happen after a new conversation starts.
  • Skip dialog is now added to the main game. Key F4 for now. Newer dialog is designed with fastforward in mind. Older dialog technically works, but may break certain conversation with other things going on (i.e walking). I’ve tried to foolproof as much as possible, but use with caution.
  • Added a few new clothes options: more cleavage for tops, shorter bottom for bra, when combined this makes a bikini of sorts I guess.
  • Added a new pose: isometric back view, supports all clothes, breast bounce and body shapes. No current scene uses it but it appears here and there amongst NPCs
  • You can now cycle poses by pressing “p”. Only poses that have full clothes support are set up, mostly for consistency. I don’t know why I made this. To RP maybe?
  • SoL content
  • Slice of life in name only, really.
  • You can now hang out with Yuri or Kari after the initial story segments are over. Just find them and initiate a conversation.
  • These are repeatable scenes where you probe a topic.
  • Some topics have multiple steps. In future, these will raise flags to determine other conversations and scenarios.
  • The conversations range from lewd to serious. The quality and length is all over the place.
  • This content if fairly limited, but the framework is now in place.
    I’d like to expand the areas you can visit with them. Probably the next step is to make some set piece just for that.
  • At the moment you can talk to either one of them during the day and again at sunset before going home.
  • Kari appears in the courtyard in the afternoon, and by a window at sunset; Yuri appears at the library in the afternoon and by the exit and sunset
    *you can advance time at your desk

Stat system rework. Clearly the initial approach wasn’t well received. I’ll try to document the entire thing below as it stands.

All stats are measured on a 100 point scale. Most stat changes have been re-evaluated. Will likely have another pass later on.

Stamina(white) remains unchanged.

  • When awake, insufficient stamina will prevent most interactions. Going to bed will drain the remaining bit that’s left and trigger a dream.
  • Can only be done in the Evening/Night.
  • In dreams, stamina ticks up per activity (traps, interactables, opening doors, etc). When fully replenished, the dream is over.
  • Moving from one dream area to another halves current stamina.


  • Total Body sets a threshold to Mind and Will. i.e if Body goes down to 60, Mind and Will is capped to 60 as well. Restoring Body does not restore lost Mind and Will
  • Neglecting hunger or thirst until it is red will drain Body by 5 points per period(double if both).
  • *Period – named time frame: Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Dusk, Evening, Night, Twilight(Unaffected, only in dream state)
  • Once drained to 0 the next dream is the standard death area with the maze. The maze is currently disabled.
  • Consequentially, draining Body to 0 sets Mind to 0 as well, however Death’s door takes priority over any lewd nightmare.


  • Getting Mind to 0 sets the next dream to be a nightmare and removes all Will. In this state, Mind turns to purple and cannot be restored until after the nightmare.
  • Degrade by [10 * (dissonance counter – cohesion counter )] upon going to bed.
  • Dissonance counter raises by 1 up to 10 after waking up each day.
  • Most dream encounters lower the dissonance counter by 2
  • A nightmare resets the dissonance counter to 0.
  • Cohesion counter is halved, rounding down, after waking up each day
  • Talking to Rin, Yuri, Nanami or Kari and passing a Will/Mind check raises the cohesion counter by 1 up to 10.
  • Will checks require the necessary amount of Will to perform. Mind checks can go into negative, which will trigger a nightmare event.
  • Now appears in dialog. Usually is a penalty for taking the “wrong” choice. Or dealing with Kari. You probably shouldn’t pick the option that costs 100 Mind. No really, don’t – I’m terrible at writing this stuff.


  • Primary use is to unlock dialog options. These options will be/are used to progress the story, trigger scenes, unlock lore.
  • Most dialog options that do something remain available indefinitely but need to be triggered only once to count.
  • Is much easier to raise than before.
  • Certain encounters, interactables and items may have a negative or positive effect on one or more stats.

Currently hidden. This will affect… shall we say ending for now?

Rin’s needle
Restores all Stamina, drains 50 Body, drains all Will, resets cohesion and dissonance counters, resets any physical changes from that dream. Unlimited use.

Mannequins added to the Mansion.
These function somewhat like scp-173.
Have generic 1×1 and 2×1 animations when touched.
-Physical appearance changes mechanics rework.

  • PC maintains 2 states: dream and real
  • Upon waking up, physical attributes move towards the dream state, one attribute at a time.
  • Attributes with the highest delta are prioritized.
  • If the highest delta is the same across some or all attributes the priority is as follows: hips, breasts, genitalia. A good example here is the Squidrabbit TF, as the PC’s appearance will slowly change towards it, until the dream version and real version is identical.
  • Mirror TF is an exception, and overwrites both dream and real state. If we’re being semantic, it actually swaps the states, so the original appearances are still intact.
  • Encountering Venus as male sets genitalia to zero regardless of order or current stage.
  • Sludge nightmare affects all attributes and circumvents priorities.
  • Alice TF (currently not accessible) will functions as a dummy until a threshold has been reached. i.e all changes while in this state are discarded when waking up.
  • Hair has a 10% chance to increase or decrease towards the dream version regardless.
  • Hair length grows 1 point every 8 days.
  • Optimization
    There is now a config.ini file in the game folder. Its only use is to set a value for texture preloading.
    0 – preloads nothing. Maximum stuttering. Miserable experience. If you’re getting crashes see if the game runs on this.
    1 – preloads essential human texture pages, still plenty of stuttering when exploring new areas.
    2 – preloads almost everything, ~ 5-6 GB of vram (currently default)
  • Minor things
    As always, I don’t record bug fixes, typos and minor cosmetic changes. Sorry, it’s too much work.-Gameplay area
    I haven’t made any changes. Hopefully nothing broke, but it’s very difficult to playtest everything on my own.
  • Where’s the next dream area?
    Still in development. Turns out it’s pretty hard to make an area without walls to guide the player.
  • What about Coffee Story Extra
    Update soon™

Developer Notes:

  • Themes
    Physical changes by means of body swap, parasites, magic or pseudo science.
    TSF/TG/Gender bending, if you start as a male.
    Pregnancy: human, monster, eggs, parasite.
  • Scope
    The demo is a stand-alone game. Its purpose is to prove, test and showcase concepts/mechanics/visuals in a condensed area over a short period, prior to implementing them into to a more traditionally length game.
    The demo covers 1 dream area, which consists of exploration, some light item puzzles, and 8-11 animated scenes. It’ll take 30-60 minutes to discover every outcome without any prior knowledge. The real world consists of the starting home, with some interact-able furniture and a clothing system. To start the dream, interact with the bed.
  • Mechanics
    The below mechanics, while present, are redundant or only partially applicable due to the scope of the demo.
    There are 4 stats: stamina, mind, body, will. These stats change through monster encounters, events or interactions with the environment. The core gameplay is to maintain a stat balance. When stamina is at 0 you are transported to the dream world. When stamina reaches 100+, you wake up.
    Mind is your sanity. The lower it is, the weirder(lewder) the world becomes. Once depleted, you are transported to a nightmare event.
    Body is you health. The game won’t have gameovers or bad ends, but I want to frustrate the player as much as possible for neglecting this.
    Imagination serves as a special stat that will unlocks unique outcomes.
    Currently, only stamina is used with the demo.
    Clothing system:
    A character has 3 clothing layers.
    A single piece of clothing can consist of a top, a bottom, or both. Some pieces take up more than one layer slot, some pieces are restricted to specific layers (i.e skirts and dresses).
    Currently fully utilized.
  • Art
    There are no CG images. Only animated sprites. A human sprite is built of multiple interchangeable parts (i.e eyes, iris, hair, breasts, hips, clothing layers, color/shape/size etc), so everything is interchangeable in order to make unique characters and physical changes.
    Coffee plays top down and is made in Game Maker 2. The target resolution is 1280×720, alt enter for full screen, while works, is not advised.
    You can view most of the animated scenes on my pixiv.

Game Images & Screenshots


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