Chronicles of the Chaosborn [v0.25] By Chaosborn

Chaosborn Games released a new game called Chronicles of the Chaosborn and the version is 0.25. The game’s story is about You are in quite a tight spot with your family… So it’s time to pick up the pieces and take care of them! Build your own village, build your own harem and uncover your mysterious past. Learn who you are and where you come from. Follow the MC’s story as he takes on anyone who crosses his path and steal all the girl’s heart along the way!​

Developer: Chaosborn
File Size: 2.02 GB
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Repeatable scene Rika
  • Repeatable scene Rhonda
  • Repeatable scene Elena
  • New sidequest Goblinvillage
  • You can now check your war assets in your bedroom of the castle.
  • Fixed an issue where the saving friend quest would bring you back into the old Dravonia

Developer Notes:

Do you like a good story with some kinky scenes, Chronicles of the Chaosborn is the place to be! Till about a month ago I was completely clueless on making an actual rpgm or on creating any art at all. So until a month ago, I didn’t do anything of that stuff so it has been quite the learning curve process. The only thing I can say is, there is definitely room for improvement and things will get even better in the process.

The journey until now has been good and I met quite the amount of devs that made this possible so special thanks to them! People will always be able to contact me through Patreon and f95zone PM or tags(I’m planning on making a discord server as well.) So a multimillion question that will be asked for sure will there be ntr? Well the answer is no all girls will be for you only and the variety of races will be big so have fun I’d say!

Game Images & Screenshots


ExtraOld save location

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