Breeders [v0.0.12] By Moeymoey

Moeymoey Games released a new game called Breeders and the version is 0.0.12. The game’s story is about Monsters conquered the world and human life changed significantly. Find your place in a world filled with lewd creatures, viewed from the perspective of Luci, a woman who escaped a mysterious laboratory as a child and “?”, a guy who has yet to be introduced some time later.​

Developer: Moeymoey
File Size: 115.5 MB
Version: 0.0.12
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Concept Demo
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

A brief description of the gameplay:

  • Third Person exploration game made in Unity
  • The objective of this demo is to showcase the turn based battle system (defeating 5 goblins in a row is an optional objective, it does not matter if you win or lose, you’ll get the same Game-End Screen

The prominent mechanics found in the game and an explanation of how they come into play in the overall game:

  • Equip cloth and weapon
  • Interact with your environment
  • Use turn-based combat mechanics like: Attack and Magic
  • How H-content is accessed through gameplay: Fight the goblin: He uses lewd attacks

In this concept demo you are able to explore Lucis apartment and the corridor outside the apartment. Touch the goblin standing in the corridor in order to engage into a battle against him.
You can find cloth and a weapon inside your apartment and equip it.

Move – WASD
Confirm – E
Run – LeftShift + WASD
Open Inventory – Tab

Game Images & Screenshots


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