Between Humanity [v0.2.0] By DebatingPanda

DebatingPanda Games released a new game called Between Humanity and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about Between Humanity takes you on a journey into a potential future that borders on dystopia. Set just five years ahead, you, as the protagonist, were just an ordinary student until one day you find yourself waking up in a hospital room. All memories of why you ended up there are blurred in the depths of your mind. But as soon as you try to go back to your daily life, you realize that something is fundamentally different. You are invited to live in your best friend’s house, where you will also be sharing the space with her mother and sister, each of whom has their own set of problems and daily struggles. What could possibly go wrong with that? With every decision you make, you not only change your own life but also that of your friends and loved ones. It’s in your hands which game you want to play.​

Developer: DebatingPanda
File Size: 1.56 GB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Release 0.2.0

  • 1760+ new renders/images
  • 45+ new animations
  • 35k+ new words
  • 34 new music tracks
  • 22 new sounds
  • A lot of stuff.

Developer Notes:

Hi guys! This is my first game here, and I hope you enjoy it! It was quite an experience to bring this to life and finally share it. Try it out for yourself and immerse in the story and characters I’ve created. Your feedback is highly valuable, so please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I’ll be actively working on updates and improvements to make this experience even better. Thank you for your support and enjoy the game!

Game Images & Screenshots


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