Being a DIK [v0.7.0]



Being a DIK [v0.7.0] [Dr PinkCake]

A young man, from a low-income family, moves away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend college at Burgmeister & Royce. As he is cast into freshman life and persuaded to join the up-and-coming fraternity Delta Iota Kappa, he’ll be exposed to a new world filled with conflicts, alcohol, drugs and sex.

Updated: 2020-04-23
Release Date: 2020-01-10
Developer: DrPinkCake Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other gameActing Lessons


  • Your wife can’t wait to start her eleventh swimming lesson. And neither can Jack. He has already come up with an activity to get even more physical. (Added the next pool lesson for your wife. Go to the pool on Sunday afternoon and invite her over)
  • For those who prefer to teach Michelle herself without Jack’s intervention, we have an alternative. Progression is just a bit slower. (Added a solo variant for the pool event with your wife starting at lesson 9)
  • Bob and Barbara are ready for the first photoshoot at your home. Well basically just Barbara, Bob looks pretty…weird in a dress. (Added the first photoshoot of the couple you’ve met in the park)
  • The couple from the cinema has come up with a second assignment that is slightly more naughty than the first. (Added the next cinema visit with your wife after completing the first note assignment)
  • For those not participating in the assignments your wife can think of something naughty as well to make the movie nights more exciting. (Added the next cinema visit with your wife after rejecting the note assignments)
  • Do you remember your wife’s wardrobe malfunction when you visited the bar together? No? Well the owner of the bar sure does. (Added the next bar visit with your wife. Invite her to go on a bar date on a Sunday evening)
  • Last time Michelle received the mysterious phone call from that certain A.G.G.R.A. Time to meet him at Dave’s bar. (Added the next step in the Scentek story Friday 22:00 o’clock at the bar)
  • Perhaps it can work therapeutically as well to help controlling the nightmares the mc is having. (Added a cut scene one week after the meeting with A.G.G.R.A)
  • If you decided to forbid Ronny to wolf whistle at your wife we have a new route so you can still become a paparazzo (Added an alternate route for Ronny in the park. Invite her to go jogging on a Friday night)
  • Dave’s bar is getting more and more crowded on Saturdays and it’s all thanks to that one waitress aka your adopted daughter. Let’s go see her shall we? (Added next workday for Lisa’s bar event. Saturday during opening times)
  • · Nina has already shown her less shy side, but there is still room for improvement. Time for a new dress. (Added the next steps with Nina at her house. Pick the option to give her money and she’ll buy the new dress. )
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Reset the pool event with your wife just before lesson 9, so you can decide if you want to follow the solo or the Jack route
  • Reset the photoshoots for inviting the couple from the park due to a variable error occurring.
  • Reset the bar event one step back because of new variables

Bug fixing:

  • Fixed couple variable preventing them to show up at your house
  • Fixed Lisa’s bar variable progressing if you use an existing save on Saturday
  • Fixed Michelle’s bar variable progressing if you use an existing save on Sunday
  • Fixed some smaller bugs
4.7/5 (56 Reviews)

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