Arena Story~Rouge And Princess Knight [Final] By Kokutou Umeboshi

Arena Story~Rouge And Princess Knight [Final] By Kokutou Umeboshi

Kokutou Umeboshi Games released a new game called Arena Story~Rouge And Princess Knight and the version is Final. The game’s story is about For various reasons, they come to the gladiatorial arena where they can get their wishes, and they keep fighting! The gladiatorial arena is filled with people of different races, demons, or anything else. If you lose, you lose everything, and if you win at the end, you can get everything.​

Developer: Kokutou Umeboshi
File Size: 353.1 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

Rougelite x Tower Climbing x Dice Battles

  • Gladiatorial Tales is a light meat pigeon game that uses dice for combat.
  • The game requires you to collect different dice face skills as well as oddities to defeat increasingly powerful enemies, with the goal of winning the ultimate victory to leave the gladiatorial arena.

Thieves cat girl, or Princess Knight?

Two protagonists have completely different skills, strange object system, choose a different protagonist will bring a very different game experience.


  • Growing up under fire, wandering the shady streets, doing bad things by the bucketful, naughty little wildcat.
  • The little wildcat that pissed off the big man and shed bright red blood, cowering by the garbage cans in the alleys, drenched by the rain.
  • Willing to do whatever it takes if it can live, the savage fire of survival burns the pants of passersby.
  • “Is it ……” the storyteller stopped in his tracks, “It would be a shame to die like that.
  • The prize for winning is life, money, endless food, a big luxurious house, and failure …… Alis has no room to think about failure.
  • So she put on the not-so-worn equipment for the first time and began to struggle in the cruel cage.


  • The kingdom was overthrown and the princess did not die in battle, ah ah, what a misfortune.
  • The smell of the dampness of the dungeon followed her, and the drama of torture was played out daily.
  • But insults and pain did not break her arrogance, and the princess knight still held on to her useless pride.
  • Finally, in the day after day of torture, she gradually became weak, healing magic can not be repaired, the flower of the knight is about to die in the darkness.
  • “Is it ……” the storyteller stopped talking, “such an ending is not too boring.
  • The prize for winning is life, freedom, the chance of revenge, the flame of hope for the revival of the kingdom, and failure is nothing more than a return to hell.
  • So she put on her ridiculous armor and began to struggle in the cruel cage.

Repeatable play! Variety of dice surface skills and collectibles combinations

  • Light meat pigeon elements allow you to encounter a variety of skills and collectibles as you play, each game is different, make your choices and challenge the levels with your unique combinations.
  • Use the unique dice surface construction system to create invincible dice to your heart’s content!

RougeLike beginners are also OK!

  • You can always save before the battle starts
  • Note that if you lose a battle in the middle of the course, you can’t re-challenge by auto-archiving, except for the boss level.
  • All in all, be diligent about saving.

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