Ahegao no Mori ~Forest of Ahheee!! [v1.03] By akuotimelon

akuotimelon Games released a new game called Ahegao no Mori ~Forest of Ahheee!! and the version is vv. The game’s story is about Sherry, a monster exterminator, enters the Forbidden Forest where numerous people have gone missing. There, she rescues a demon girl named Arin from an attack by demons, and they journey deep into the forest together to ensure her safety. In a forest full of lewd status abnormalities, a journey to reveal a forbidden secret begins…!

Developer: akuotimelon
File Size: 664.2 MB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • H Events
    Basic CG 28 images. It occurs when you are defeated by specific monsters or caught in traps on the map. Focusing on the process of falling into a lewd abnormal state described below, it delivers extreme and max transformation levels. When the conditions are met, H events can be viewed in the reminiscence room. In addition to the bonus, 26 types can be unlocked immediately after starting the game!
  • Lewd Standing Pictures
    Various lewd abnormal states such as petrification, sliming, plant parasitism, swallowing whole, breast expansion, etc., await the heroine. When affected by lewd abnormal states, the standing picture changes.
  • Extensive Erotic Status!
    It covers conventional aspects such as lewdness level, number of times the genitals are used, and more exotic elements like the number of transformations due to each lewd abnormal state, the number of times spawning, and so on.

Game Images & Screenshots


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