69 Days After [v0.24 Patreon] By Noxious Games

Noxious Games released a new game called 69 Days After and the version is 0.24 Patreon. The game’s story is about “A little over 2 months ago society collapsed, a viral infection is causing the dead to rise and eat the living. We have found refuge in a small cottage inside a shallow gorge, along a river bed. We don’t know how long we will be able to survive here, or how the rest of the world is fairing. All we can do is our best to survive, while searching for signs of civilization.”

Manage your resources, find food and water, contend with your natural desires, and avoid falling victim to someone else’s. Collect items to help you survive, explore and launch expeditions to gather resources, but be careful. Unlock all the Polaroids by playing the game and experiencing different possibilities.​

Developer: Noxious Games
File Size: 224.8 MB
Version: 0.24 Patreon
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New Content

  • New Photo; Raven, Snow, Amber
    New Photo; Scarlet, Juniper, Raven, Amber
    Finish all missing writing in ‘Masturbate Together’ events (A list of event writing and other fixes is included at the end of the changelog)
    A pop-up window will appear at the start of every time advancement to show new achievements earned in the play-through. When Steam integration is complete, this will also sync your Steam achievements to the file.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a glitch which was rewarding either a blank or the wrong photograph for the Scarlet x Raven x Amber event
    Fix all bugs in the ‘Masturbate Together’ events
    Fixed a bug in the Orgy event (all 5 characters), which was only checking relationship status between 4 of the 5 characters
    Fixed a glitch with the new Foursome event which was asking for the wrong relationship value. Now requires greater than or equal to 350% for all involved characters. The bug had them requiring 450%, the amount required for the Orgy event
    Lots of small spelling and grammatical fixes in the Masturbate Together events; ran every single dialogue piece through a spell/grammar checker and fixed up any errors
  • Orgy, no Quest progress
    This event has descriptive text from Scarlet’s perspective
    This event now properly checks relationships for all character’s involved (was not considering Raven’s relationship with anyone)
    This event now properly changes Scarlet’s Sex Record (was not adding a Raven point to Scarlet’s Record)
    This event could previously be triggered despite not all 5 characters choosing the Masturbate action
    Scarlet x Juniper x Amber x Snow, no Quest progress
    This event has descriptive text from Scarlet’s perspective
    Fixed a potential bug (found in code) which could have prevented this event from printing properly in the Journal
    New Events have descriptive text from all perspectives

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