2040 [v0.3.9] By stuffnstuff0

stuffnstuff0 Games released a new game called 2040 and the version is 0.3.9. The game’s story is about The year is 2040. The world has been ravaged by climate change and war. The ‘Old World’ as it has come to be known has been destroyed. Most of the world’s land mass is uninhabitable. The ‘New World’ lives on in many isolated pockets scattered throughout the planet’s oceans onboard floating megastructures known as ‘Arcologies’. Each adopting their own different, radical ways of life.

Only the most fortunate are able to make their way to these seaworthy, self-contained cities by any means necessary before the Old World claims them as another victim. It didn’t take long for these lawless ‘Utopias’ to adopt the oldest, most simple form of civilization and the one thing they all have in common; Masters and their Slaves. The rich fleeing the Old World, were able to buy their way into relative comfort in these cities. The poor fleeing the Old World – arriving desperate and destitute – as usual get the bad side of the deal and quickly fall into the life of sexual Slavery. You, a notorious, lifelong criminal, using everything you learned from the harshness of the Old World, by all means at your disposal, blood, sweat and (other people’s) tears… Finally find yourself as the new undisputed leader of one of these cities.

Developer: stuffnstuff0
File Size: 1.67 GB
Version: 0.3.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added the introduction scene of Izzy’s integration into the confinement.[/QUOTE]
    You now have a reason to speak to Izzy at the club. (It was going to be a club update but it became another confinement update… Don’t judge me…)
    Fixed Club earnings not being correctly added to daily earnings. (Bug reported by a catboy)
    Changed default gun range timer.
  • We reached the point where too many people thought it was too fast. The time between targets is now 2 seconds by default, the ‘bull3tt1m3’ cheat code will still change it to 5 seconds.
    Added more ‘immersion’ to the email screen.
    Added a scene with Sarah and Kayla in the dorms.
  • If you are on the Love path with both of them head down to the dormitory and maybe you get lucky.
    Added a flashback/nightmare scene.
  • The player’s dark history is catching up to him… Find out what this means. 0_O
    Added more hints to reflect the updates.

Developer Notes:

Have fun and enjoy!

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